Thank you for stopping by to visit with us here at SIDDHARTHA. We hope you will enjoy meeting our Royal Holy Terrors - Royal because SIDDHARTHA was the name of the Prince, who became the first Buddha, Holy because of their connections to the Monks of Tibet, and Terrors – well your imagination can take care of that.

We are a small kennel and are committed to breeding for true type and quality. Our mamas, papas, and their puppies are reared in the house, underfoot and into everything. They even have their favourite television programs. I have four sons myself, and they regularly complain that you have to have four legs to get any attention in this house, but we all know what boys are like, and their dad is just as bad, but I can forgive them that, as they too love my four leggers, and will lend a hand when the need arises, even share their tea with them, when they think I am not looking, much to my delight, but don’t tell them I said that.

With regular visits from the children in our neighbourhood, and my many nieces and nephews, our little people are great ambassadors. They love everyone, and accept and enjoy the company of dogs, budgies, and other small animals (yes even cats). We do the best we can to give them a good start and make them loving and happy family pets, and have had many successes in the show ring as a welcome bonus.

Protecting the breed is extremely important to us, and to ensure that we have genetically sound and healthy puppies, our dogs are hip scored, and eye tested annually, and all have DNA Profiles. They are also screened for PLL, NCL, PRA-3 and RCD-4. The Siddhartha inmates are micro-chipped, and all puppies bred here, have been, and will continue to be, micro-chipped before Kennel Club registration, and before they pack their bags and wave goodbye. Thanks to the diligent efforts of those breeders who came before me, on who lines I based my own pursuit, we had a very good start. It is at this juncture I must give special thanks to Mrs. Pat Tempest (Alilah), for trusting me with her lines, and for all her ongoing support and encouragement, and for being my friend.

It should be well known that Tibetan Terriers are luck bringers, and I really do believe this. I have also found that they can bring good and true friends, and I am always happy to hear from the people who have left my home with a puppy under their arm. Some have become very close friends, no matter how many miles, or even oceans separate us. Others might just pop the odd photograph in the post, with maybe a few little comments, but this thoughtfulness means so much to me, so my thanks to those who give my little bundles a happy home, and an even warmer thank you to those who keep in touch.

Now just a little warning - be aware, as Fox Mulder would say, be very aware, Tibetan Terriers promptly take over your heart, your home, and the car.



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