It was Christmas time, and the eighties were coming to an end when Sheba my much loved German Shepherd made her final journey. Sadly it was to Rainbow Bridge. She was seventeen years old, and a beautiful majestic creature, who loved life, the world, and everyone in it. She was my pal, my confidant, my baby sitter, and always my guardian. For twenty-five years I had shared my life with German Shepherds, and loved every one of them, but I was getting too old for demanding walks, and big heavy lumps sitting on my lap. I waited for the heartache to heal a little before I could open my arms to another canine companion.

Some months later I was introduced to a Tibetan Terrier. That TT puppy has a lot to answer for. It came about when I bumped into a very distressed lady. Her four-month-old puppy had gone missing, and I promised I would keep an eye out for him. On the way home from my mum, I spied a lovely black hairy bundle bounding after several children. When I stopped the car and questioned them he hopped in beside me, and sitting there like Lord Muck, I drove him back to his owner. At the back of my mind there had always been the picture of a small extremely hairy mutt, and now I had found out what he was called. Of course I had to have one, and so my search for a Tibetan Terrier began. It seemed the right time. One of my sons was in hospital and needed cheering up, as did I.

Jessie (WINDFALL MELINA) duly arrived at number eleven, and promptly took over our hearts, our home, and the car. The nearest thing to a cat you will ever come across, she could jump onto the grooming table, or even a six foot high wall from a standing position, leaping with total abandon and unerring accuracy, landing on all four feet. I tried to show Jessie when she came of age, and although I persevered for quite a while she would never behave. Her shenanigans belonged in the circus, so I threw the towel in. I decided there and then not to spoil the next arrival. Difficult however, as Sally (BALLADINE RITCHIES GIRL) was such a cutie. She showed beautifully, so well behaved I was delighted. Then disaster, she lost a front tooth while haring around with her pal Jessie.

Next to knock on the door was Eddie (ALILAH VENDREDI CHAKRA AT SIDHARTHA). He was a sweetheart, bullied by all the girls. He loved to cuddle and nibble your neck. Our basket case could always be found curled up in a basket of any description, washing baskets, shopping baskets, toy baskets and even the egg basket. He is now looking after a lovely little girl with autism. She went straight to his heart at their first meeting. The bond between them would warm the coldest heart. In the beginning I went only to the occasional show. It was somewhere to bring the boys and keep them out of mischief, but Molly (IR. CH. BEDIVERE URAH MOLL AT SIDDHARTHA) changed all that. She was the lady of the house.  Although top dog, she ruled with a gentle nudge at the right time, and the right place. Molly gained her Crown at Munster Canine 2000, and wore it regally.  Sadly Molly went to Rainbow Bridge on the 13th of June 2011 and the emptiness fills me still.

Maggie (SIDDHARTHA BOOTES) my first home bred girl and daughter of Sally and Eddie, was only shown a few times, as she prefers to loll at home and tell me all the happenings of the day on my return (and boy can she talk!). She is my clown. Zac (ALILAH ZACSIDDHARTHA) another loveable rogue only stayed with me for a short time. While visiting friends in England he decided he liked the country life. He settled in so well, he is there still. Then came Viddy (ROENEEKA VIDELLE AT ALILAH). Before she decided life was better as a couch potato she presented me with two beautiful daughters Jill and Leah (IR. CH. SIDDHARTHA JENIALILAH and SIDDHARTHA JUSTALILAH). On the 27th December 2006 Jill became an Irish Champion, our second champion in the year. I was thrilled to bring 2006 to a close with Jill earning her crown before the new green star system came into play, and with several points to spare. Her sister Leah prefers to stay home and nurse the next generation of Siddhartha Tibetan Terriers.

Zoe (SIDDHARTHA FEMME FATALE), daughter of GB.CH. ALILAH FRANKIE (my all-time favourite), on her first outing won the Puppy Stakes at Bull Breeds All Breed Championship Show in October 2000, but because of an accident she was not shown again. She is a sweetheart and is happy to stay at home with her mum, Maggie. Zoe's son Max (IR. CH. SIDDHARTHA MAX A MILLION), is now resting on his laurels, having been made up so soon he now has the chance to really get to know his dad, as they romp and play together. Though she is also a Green Star and Best of Breed Winner, Zoe's daughter Tara (SIDDHARTHA NEON LADY) has made it quite clear she would rather stay home too, so I guess it's the easy life on the sofa for her. Gus joined us at Siddhartha in mid 2005. Gus hails from Finland and we are delighted to have him here in Ireland. In less than a year Gus earned the titles INT. IR. FIN. EST. SWE. & DK. CH. FALAMANDUS ISSU DE LION FOR SIDDHARTHA CELTIC WINNER '06, HELSINKI WINNER '11. He was the first Tibetan Terrier in Ireland to claim the title CELTIC WINNER, and he did so on 17th March '06, only waiting on one point for his championship title he was awarded six at the Combined Show on 15th April '06, thus earning him his Irish Crown. One month later, at his first show while holidaying with his breeder Tanja Hakamo in Finland, Gus gained his Finnish Title. Two weeks later he added Estonian Champion, making it four titles in just nine weeks. He quickly added the Swedish and Danish Titles, and so amassed SEVEN TITLES while he was just two years old, and eleven C.A.C.I.B.s within eight months. He earned his twelfth C.A.C.I.B. and his International Title, when for the second year in a row he won GSD and BOB at the I.K.C. International Show (Ireland's Crufts).  Gus (AKA Waldemar) added the title Helsinki Winner '11 from the veteran class.  Thank you Tanja for making it all possible.

Gus then handed the gauntlet to his son Jake (IR. CH. SIDDHARTHA VALDEMAR), who just happens to be the naughtiest puppy in creation; a bundle of love, fun and energy, and he certainly keeps me on my toes. Jake brought 2006 to a close winning his third green star another major, and going Best of Breed at the same show where Jill gained her title, and his younger brother Boo (SIDDHARTHA X FACTOR) took the Reserve Green Star for his owner, sadly he did not continue coming to shows. Jake earned his title in July 2008. May Janssens of TALK OF THE TOWN Tibetan Terriers was kind enough to let us import from Holland IMAGINE TALK OF THE TOWN WITH SIDDHARTHA CJW '07. Maggie (2) finally arrived in Dublin on 13th November 2006. Thank you May for letting us have this beautiful girl. Maggie (1) and Maggie (2) certainly cause a lot of confusion and mayhem, but I wouldn't have it any other way, but just like Maggie (1) madam does not like the shows, and although she has won a few green stars and two CACIBS she stays at home to organise the chaos.

Next to join the Siddhartha crew was Purdy (IR. CH. ALILAH NOIR NIMEESHA FOR SIDDHARTHA JNR. CH.), my little black beauty, at just twelve months had already collected three green stars and two best of breeds and more importantly her first title, IRISH JUNIOR CHAMPION. Purdy is the first female Tibetan Terrier to claim this new Irish award and she beat stiff competition to stake her claim. Saturday 22nd August 2009 Purdy earned her Irish Crown.  Lucy (SIDDHARTHA DOLLY DAYDREAM JNR. CH.) earned her Junior Championship Title in March 2009. Lucy is a daughter of Maggie (2) and Gus. Sadly she became very ill shortly after earning her junior title and although she eventually made a full recovery, has not been shown since. Lucy would brighten any day with her love of life and laughter. Leo (IR. CH. ALILAH REAL MCHOY FOR SIDDHARTHA JNR. CH. & EUJW '09) earned his Junior Championship title in June 2009 at just ten months old, along with the title Euro Junior Winner '09, and although sparingly shown he gained his Irish Title in August 2012.  Leo was also joined by KYANG'S TA-BA MFO-BA (Foppa) and he too has earned four green stars with BOBS. It was a proud day for me when Molly's grand-daughter Cara (IR & INT CH MACALLIAH CARA SIDDHARTHA JNR. CH. & CJW '10) also joined the team, and along with her two junior titles, she has earned many green stars and BOBS, also enough CACIBs to become an Irish and International Champion, a Reserve CC and her KC Stud Book Number. Just now another daughter of Maggie has entered the show ring (IR CH SIDDHARTHA HOLLY HOBBIT JNR. CH. & CW'12). Holly is also a daughter of Foppa so perhaps she will play nicely in the ring as he does, but it is early days yet so watch this space, as she is without doubt another little hooligan. Her brother Hooch is just starting to enter the ring in Scotland with Chloe Auld.  He earned his KC Stud Book Number at Richmond, and then was also awarded Reserve CC at Belfast.  We wish them both all the best for their future together.  Peaches (SIDDHARTHA JUDIDE FOR GER JNR. CH. & CJW'12)  is now Holly's travelling companion, but won't be for much longer as she prefers to stay home.  At just four months of age Murphy (SIDDHARTHA MUPPET MASTER) made his debut by winning Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Group at the Navan Puppy Show, unfortunately a bad fright meant he never continued his show career.  However Zack, the same way bred became IR & INT CH SIDDHARTHA PRIDE OF LEON and he thoroughly enjoys the ring.  Sharing the ring with Zack is Dixie (IR CH SIDDHARTHA QUIRKY 'N QUAINT JUN CH) who was collecting green stars from her very first entrance into to ring as a puppy, and Midas  (IR CH ALILAH CLARIUS FOR SIDDHARTHA JUN CH).  Barbara Blahova was kind enough to let Rea (JUST GIVE ME A REASON OF DARKNESS FOR SIDDHARTHA (Imp Cze) CJW'17 JUN CH) join the team and she is certainly keeping me on my toes, and heralds a bright future for Siddhartha.

Holly brought home this lovely trophy
and has since added six Green Stars

Please God the future will bring us lots of fun and enjoyable outings to the shows. You see I enjoy showing very much. Showing to me means pleasant trips, with good company (four leggers and two leggers), meeting new people and dogs, interesting conversations, lots of laughter, nice picnics, the occasional tipple, and when you bring home the rosette it is the icing on the cake, though thankfully not the be all and end all. I don't have that "win at all cost" attitude, which I think is sad, and can spoil a good day out. I just enjoy my hairy mutts, and I like other people to enjoy them too. Four of my puppies emigrated to different parts of America. The first one Murphy (US. CH. SIDDHARTHA IRISH ROVER) became a champion in jig time, and I am very proud of him, and Wizard, (AUST CH SIDDHARTHA MINT EDITION) who became an Australian Champion.  Though I will only send my best abroad, three are happy as much loved family pets, and I know they will always return that love a thousand fold.

Judging is also very pleasurable and I was delighted when I passed The Tibetan Terrier Association (U.K.) higher level judging exam on the 19.10.2002, giving me the opportunity to judge the Tibetan Terrier and other Utility breeds at Open Show Level in the U.K., including the Tibetan Terrier Association's Open Show in August '06. I have extensive experience of judging other breeds and Groups at Limit and Open Show Level.  It is always a privilege to be allowed to assess other people's dogs. I am qualified under Irish Kennel Club & FCI rules to judge Group 9, and all the breeds therein at International Championship level, also Group 5 and it's breeds.  My proudest moment was afforded to me when I awarded CCs to Tibetan Terriers for the first time at BUBA in December 2014.  It has been my privilege and pleasure to judge in Norway and Sweden several times, and also in Poland, and I am most grateful to those Show Committees who consider me worthy to judge at their shows.

Indeed the days just aren't long enough to fit everything in. Although I have always led a very full life with my family, my many friends and colleagues, and particularly through my voluntary work with handicapped children and their parents, and indeed I still do, I really became complete when I opened the door to my mischief makers and constant companions, the Royal Holy Terrors. So thank you Dad for sharing your love of animals, and thank your Tibet and Dr. Greig for your wonderful gift "The Tibetan Terrier".


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